Thai Night

On November 27th, John and I hosted our second Cultural Culinary Cruise, Thai Night.  Originally, I had envisioned to invite a native Thai person who could demonstrate cooking a simple Thai dish or have everyone do a Thai spring roll.  In Nadia’s class, there happens to be one boy who’s 1/2 Thai and it turns out that his mom owns and cooks in the Thai restaurant down the street from us.  However, she was busy on that night, a Sunday, so we decided to skip the Thai demo.  Instead, prior to the meal, once the guests arrived and had time to settle into their conversation, I brought a tray of sample Thai herbs I had used for the meal that was yet to be served and tried to explain the stuff to the best of my knowledge:



  • Galangal – a root used in Thai cooking, especially coconut soups, similar to ginger but not as strong
  • Lime kaffir leaves – the leaves of the lime
  • Cilantro – no need to explain this, except that it is referred to as coriandre here in Belgium
  • Lemongrass – very citronelli:)
  • Thai sweet basil – you can’t live without it!
  • Lime juice – regularly used in Thai cooking
Another get-to-know-Thailand cultural element was that we ended up watching Thai songs played on YouTube unplanned when someone asked about an 80s song after dinner.  We searched for some music and found a Thai 80s song and even though this did not go without some humor about the time period, we enjoyed listening to the notes of the Thai language.

Our menu included the following:

  1. Tom Kha Gai – Thai coconut soup in which I put some extra vegetables than required per the recipe
  2. Thai Chicken Curry – a spicy red curry dish with coconut milk, vegetables (green beans, red peppers, black mushrooms, etc.), halal chicken, Thai red curry paste, some yellow curry for extra color, Thai sweet basil..
  3. Coconut Jackfruit Ice cream & Fried Bananas (Goreng Pisang) with Thai iced tea



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2 thoughts on “Thai Night

  1. Grandpa and Grandma B. says:

    Maria, you amaze me with your culinary presentations!

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